Initial Visit

Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete the necessary paperwork and dietary questionnaire. We prefer that you complete and submit all paperwork online through the OnPatient Portal.
Plan to spend at least 1 hour in the office during your initial visit.
Your Initial Visit includes:
A detailed dietary/medical questionnaire
A New Patient packet
A Computerized Body Composition Report (Body Fat & Muscle Mass Analysis)
Nutrition/Exercise counseling
A brief Physical Exam and Assessment with the Physician
An Individualized Program Prescription
Prescribed Appetite Suppressant(Phentermine)
B-Complex Injection
Lipo Injection
**Lab Work
***EKG (if medically necessary)
Other Appetite Suppressants/Supplements/Injections are Available
**Lab Work includes: CMP, CBC, TSH, Lipid Panel, Vitamin D, and Hemoglobin A1c.
Labs must be completed before medication can be prescribed.
***An EKG is medically necessary for patients 50 years old and older; and/or with a history of Diabetes Mellitus, Heart Disease, Hypertension, or High Cholesterol; and/or with a significant family history of the medical conditions listed above.
All labs and EKGs must be performed in our office during your office visit.  
We do NOT accept labs or EKGs from outside Primary Care Physicians or Medical Providers.


During your follow up visits we will measure your success and tailor our program to meet your specific needs!

Your follow up visit will include your weigh-in, blood pressure and heart rate, food journal or food app review, B-complex injection, Lipo injection, and medication refill (appetite suppressant).

(This may vary depending on your needs and your Individualized Program Prescription)